Winternett Group Design was founded in 1999 in Washington, DC and continues to be an association of organized web and graphic designers that maintain design and technical contracts for small, medium, and large business to government agencies and non-profit organizations in and beyond the Washington D.C. area.

Since its inception, Winternett Group Design has focused on creating all original web sites and applications from the great ideas of our clients, There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from developing non-technical [yet creative] visions and ideas into successful web and print designs, not just for our customers, but for our designers as well. Many of the sites, that we have created years ago, are still around to this day because of our focus on and commitment to making timeless, meticulous, and functional design. Our sites work on both computers and mobile devices, allowing you to reach the world with your message without sacrificing your image or delivery of key points.

Despite having been a part of large projects over the years, our focus on working with business owners has always been the same because we understand that accountability matters most in business.

Our Motivation

Winternett Group Design specializes in turn-key business web site solutions. We love the process of design. By closely being involved with our customers in each project without subcontractors and middle-men involved,  we can control each project’s consistency and quality through registering, developing, and hosting your site or web-based application. This way, we can provide customers with unparalleled accountability and a very viable and easy-to-use web site solutions.

Even though the Internet is now a "go-to" mechanism for most business, we are fans of traditional mom-and-pop or “brick-and-mortar” stores within local communities. We view small business as he lifeblood of connecting communities to reliable and accountable consumer products and services. If we were forced simply to purchase everything on the Internet, then accountability and value would always be a risk to us as consumers.

Having us on board to help with every aspect of your web project means you'll have more time to work on other traditional and creative forms of marketing for your business.

There are many creative designs around on the web, there is also social media. Design and real substance are in constant competition for your attention when you interact with web sites. Our commitment is simple, we focus on your content, your brand, and then your product or service to build custom web sites that feature substance over flashy design. Our web sites last as a result. The solutions we build are based on open source tools, which don’t inflate our project costs to you as our customer.

For us, functional and efficient design, meaningful content, and a customer-first attitude always out-ranks flashy presentations. We reduce barriers to success in many ways for our clients beyond just web design. It starts with an easy 30-45 minute in person or teleconference consultation, with you as a client, for us to gather key details about your business and your goals, budget, and solution needs. We then evaluate that information and quickly develop a plan and a cost estimate for your project. Each customer gets an opportunity to review our written estimate and approve it entirely or in parts to create a project schedule and detailed list of results we will deliver based on your approved budget.